Scanii security overview

At Uva Software, LLC (the company behind Scanii) we strive to apply the latest physical and logical security methodologies to protect our customer data at rest and in transit - this is why you should trust us.

We protect your data

We understand data sovereignty

We care about and understand data sovereignty laws. With points of presence in the US, EU and Australia metadata captured by our service remains in the continent of origin in accordance with EU Data Privacy Rules.

We only use facilities with state of the art physical security

Scanii only utilizes datacenter facilities capable of meeting or exceeding the following certifications and third party attestations:

7 years in business

Although scanii continues to evolve rapidly, it is a stable, mature and profitable product with a 7-year successful track record.

We protect your billing information

All payment transactions are handled by a PCI compliant third party payment processing service. We do not store any credit card information.

We are upfront about our security vulnerability practices

No software is perfect and today's applications rely on an ever growing number of third party open source libraries. To help quickly react and address software vulnerability problems we have a simple and effective bounty system in place. For details see our announcement post here.

Last updated on 07/16/2016.