The Scanii Changelog 08/2017

NSFW language engine now limits findings to the language of the content processed

Our Not-Suitable-For-Work language detection engine is now smart enough to narrow down findings to the language of the content being processed. For example, a common bad word that exists across many languages could cause many similar findings to be identified but not anymore, our engine now filters out findings for languages that aren’t present in the source document.

Bonus value: we now perform language identification heuristics on all content processed by our NSFW language engine - you can start seeing the identified language in your processing logs.

Email alerts for findings

Ever wanted to be notified when malicious content is identified in your files being processed by our service? Now you can receive an email with information and a direct link whenever a finding is identified, to turn that on for your account just go to your account notification preferences here.

All new support site

In order to provide an even better service to our growing list of customers, we’re launching a brand new support site aimed at better support documentation and faster response times, check it out here.

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Last updated on 08/01/2017.