Announcing double plans for everyone!

As scanii grows we continue to look for ways to give our customers more value both in terms of more accurate and extensive content detection as well as to pass on some of the economic benefits of the scale we have acquired over the years. Today we have a big announcement related to the latter.

Effective immediately, we are doubling the amount of file credits in all of our plans - for example:

Bigger enterprise plans are also affected by this change and will receive a 2x increase in file credits in their next refill cycle.

What does this mean for existing customers?

If you are an existing customer you are ready to go and your account will automatically reflect the higher file credit count in its next refill.

What does this mean for potential new customers?

That you now have subscription plans to choose from with double the amount of awesome for the same low price. Also, we should remind everyone that you will continue to be able to downgrade or upgrade plans at any time and without penalties.

Here's your obligatory clebration gif:

As always, we would love to hear from you, just shoot us an email at,

The Scanii Team.

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Last updated on 05/01/2016.