The Scanii Changelog 11/2019

Lots of billing improvements

You can now get a clearer picture of all your billing information with our all-new plans and billing account page. You can also get access to all you paid and pending invoices.

New version of our SAM-packaged AWS Lambda client v1.1.0

New version of our Java client v3.7.0

New version of our .Net client v3.2.0

Performance optimization of our malware engine during signature reload

Starting mid April with our EU1 region and rolled out to the other regions over the subsequent weeks, a large improvement to the impact of reloading signatures to in-flight requests was released lowering the 99th percentile request processing duration by 90%. This is a corner case improvement but if you have seen random processing requests taking 30-60 seconds for a very small file, you are going to love the speed up.

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Last updated on 11/15/2019.