The Scanii Changelog 12/2018

NSFW Image engine now support 100+ image file formats

Our NSFW Image content detection engine now support 100+ different image file types, anything from animated gifs to specialized medical imagery formats saving you time by not requiring you to do any image normalization prior to submitting them to us for analysis.

New version of our .Net client v3.1.0

Download it here

New version of our Java client v3.1.1

This is almost an “all-new” version of our Java client with tons of improvements that include:

Download it here:

New version of our Golang client v1.0.0

Download it here:

Callback URLs are now sanitized

Callback URLs that contain credentials are now automatically sanitized in our processing logs. For example, if your callback URL encludes credentials such as it will be automatically sanitized to in our processing logs.

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Last updated on 12/25/2018.