AWS Nodej.s v4.3 runtime retirement - everything you need to know

On 5/10/18 AWS started notifying customers with Lambda functions utilizing their Node.js v4.3 runtime that such runtime was in route for retirement and with diminishing functionality starting on July 31st, 2018 in accordance to their Runtime Support Policy.

Scanii customers utilizing scanii-lambda for S3 content processing should upgrade their lambda function runtime from v4.3 to v8.10 at their earliest convenience, it’s a one click step with no impact to content processing. Scanii-lambda version 0.3.1 or later is fully tested and supported on Node.js version 8.10.

Lastly, we just released the latest version of our lambda integration v0.5.3 that includes bug fixes, SNS notifications and drops support for Node.js v4.

Your friendly neighborhood scanii team.

Last updated on 04/01/2018.