What happens when my account runs out of credits?

In a nutshell, a few minutes after your account balance hits zero, your API keys will go into “insufficient credits” state and API calls will start to fail.

Here's what we do to help customers stay ahead of unexpected changes in usage:

  1. We will send you balance notifications over email when your account hits 50, 25, 10 and 0% of your initial balance
  2. You can upgrade (or downgrade) plans at any point in a billing period, there are no penalties for doing so and we handle all the tricky proration behind the scenes to charge you just for the number of days in the higher (or lower) plan while retaining the same billing cycle
  3. If you have a lot of month-to-month variability you should consider one of our yearly plans, in those you get all the credits up front and have 12 months to spend them. This can also save you money by allowing you to buy the average as opposed to the max number of credits needed

Lastly, we’re always happy to temporarily boost a customer’s credit balance to help them get through an exceptional spike in usage, just shoot us an email at support@uvasoftware.com

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